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Styles of Magic

There are many types and styles of magic all of which suit certain situations and desired outcomes. Dan will work with you to select the style that is most suited to your event.

Trade shows

Dan can feature your company’s products in his show. He can perform close-up strolling magic in hospitality suits or at a booth or can customize a stage show that will entertain your clients, keeping your products in their minds eye. A fantastic way to promote your business or product that has a very memorable and lasting effect on new and prospective clients. Business cards and promotional giveaways are able to be incorporated into a variety of magical illusions and presented to your clients “with a difference”. This has proven to be a very successful method of marketing and motivation.

Dan the magic man
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Comedy magic show

This is a parlour style show where Dan performs to the entire group at the one time. He combines magic, comedy and audience participation. This style of magic is best described as a “mini stage show”. It is ideal for groups of up to sixty people either standing or seated theatre style. As he is only performing to the one audience you receive the advantage of viewing a lot more tricks during the allocated performance time. This style of magic allows great interaction as the spectators become part of the act.

Table magic

In this era of electronic entertainment, experience the wonder of human skill with award winning sleight of hand as each table top becomes the stage. This close-up table top performance will amaze. With this style of magic your table top is turned into the stage. Dan’s flexibility and knowledge of the hospitality industry gives him the foresight of being able to move about in a discreet manner so as not to disrupt speeches or meal service times. This style of entertainment allows everyone to see the magic as the Dan moves from table performing his genius whilst encouraging great group participation.

Dan The Magic Man
Dan The Magic Man

Cocktail magic

Strolling magic is as it suggests “strolling magic”. It is suited to an atmosphere where guests are both seated or standing and is great for small gatherings and very large events.  Pre-dinner drinks, arrivals, he can be a wonderful ice-breaker and can really help get the atmosphere buzzing, at the bar, during intermissions, throughout an event where guests are mingling or as a closing feature. Dan will perform both one on one and gatherings of smaller groups with astounding effects and illusions that happen in both his hands and theirs.

Kid’s magic parties

Dan has several themed kids’ party characters available. This performance style is similar to a parlour show, where Dan performs to the entire group at the one time. The girls and boys are taken on a magical journey of their chosen theme that will have them spellbound. This is a great family show that both the adults and children will thoroughly enjoy. Dan is always ready to deliver a show your audience will love. Using mind-blowing magic, comedy, audience participation, and a larger than life persona, Dan has developed a family friendly show that is unique, fun, and exciting. Your audience is made to feel like they are the stars of the show. He even has them perform some magic. In Dan's show, anything is possible, anything can happen, and it usually does. But most importantly, everyone has fun. Dan's entertaining family friendly comedy magic show is perfect for any event, holiday party, wedding or anniversary. Dan can provide fantastic family entertainment that will make your next event truly memorable.

Dan The Magic Man

MC Magician

Having Dan as MC will make it a very memorable event with a difference. It’s all about fun, laughter and entertainment, make your event the one that friends, family and colleagues will never forget.

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