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My Story


As a young boy I played victim to my Grandad’s favourite trick, the old classic “coin appearing from behind the ear.” My curiosity and great intrigue secured me the greatest birthday gift I could ever have wanted. On my 10th birthday I got my first magic set. The candle had been lighten and that internal burning desire and passion for this wonderful craft had begun its journey.


During my school years I was always known as the trickster. Entertaining mates and on occasion throwing a few good pranks at the teachers. Choosing a career path in the hospitality industry, I gained my trade certificate as a qualified chef.


Once having mastered the culinary side of the industry, I was soon drawn to the front of house. With a firm background and understanding of this trade it was only a matter of time before I took on a managerial roll. At this time I was managing a restaurant named after the infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. My partner suggested I dress in a traditional bush ranger style character to perform magic to our patrons. Therefore it seemed only natural that my alter-ego be named after Ned Kelly’s brother Dan. Dan The Gambler was born.

My act quickly gained great notoriety within the entertainment industry and I became a multi award winner at the Australian International Magicians Convention. Competing against the best, I received awards for strolling close up magic, restaurant magic and card magic.


At this point of my journey I discovered the art of blending my two great passions, magic and hospitality, giving birth to my own registered business Hospitality Magic.


My unique style of presenting magic has become an icon and is sourced both nationally and internationally by a regular client base. My act has gained a large spectrum with performances on show boats, at schools, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Whether a large corporate event or private back yard party my presence always makes a very memorable impact.


At the request of my agents and regular clients I have also produced a family show for the ever popular children’s market where all ages can enjoy one of my many themed acts. It is here at the children’s shows that I am once again met with the torch that sparked my destiny. From time to time I do wonder if maybe perhaps one day I will pull the coin out of another curious little boy’s ear and ignite the flame that will start this magical journey all over again.

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