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As a magician, flexibility and adaptability are important qualities as they assist in strengthening the mood and atmosphere of an event. Dan The Magic Man, Black Jack The Pirate and Willi Won Ton are only a few of the many names and costumes available for an event requiring extra theming. Both the costume and the repertoire of tricks are themed accordingly. A magician can be an amazing addition to any event. If you choose wisely, your magician can be much more than simply another entertainer. Hiring or booking Dan for your party, wedding or corporate function will make the difference between an OK event and a roaring success that your guests will talk about for months and years to come.

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Mushtaq Maha Raj :Themed in royal blue this Indian has all sorts of tricks under his curry bowl. Mushtaq was employed for nine years at a local Gold Coast restaurant with his unique close up table magic act.

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